We are aware of how critically important communication is, both for individuals and organisations. This leads us to face with great responsibility and sense of rigour the task of guaranteeing that, every day, our products and services are available to an ever-widening public.

At NOS, our activities are driven by the clear goals of inclusion, diversity, fostering learning and advancing the knowledge of society. Therefore, we are committed to innovate and invest in technology and the sort of initiatives that contribute to maintain our performance in this area as a reference.

Solutions for the Hearing Impaired

Support line for deaf clients: 12472

NOS has a support line for customers with hearing impairments (12472) that can be reached through a video interpreter system. The customer using this service makes a video call that is answered by a sign language interpreter who will contact NOS’ service line for him and translate the operator's information into sign language through the video call.

TV App for teletext subtitles

In 2015, NOS broke new ground by launching the “TV Legendagem” (TV Subtitles) App, a free inclusive solution by NOS that allows access to real time subtitles in broadcast programs by synchronising with the channel’s teletext service. By accessing the “TV Legendagem” (TV Subtitles) App, the customer is informed of the live broadcast programmes that are available at that moment.

DVDs with Portuguese subtitles and sign language

The DVD’s distributed by NOS include Portuguese subtitles and sign language.

Solutions for people with visual disabilities

Braille invoice

NOS’ Universal service provides Braille invoices for the benefit of the visually impaired.

Video on demand service with audio description

NOS was also the first in Portugal to make movies with audio description available through its video on demand service. In addition to the dialogues, the 30 plus movies included in this selection contain special voice overs describing each scene’s scenario, costumes, facial expressions, body language, entry and exit of characters and other relevant information, allowing visually impaired people to enjoy a richer and more complete movie watching experience.

DVDs with audio description

Innovation through audio description services in Portuguese is also present in the DVDs NOS distributes. Within the scope of this service, the DVD from “The nativity story” was the first non-animation film distributed in Portugal that offered conditions of accessibility and equality for all.

NOS may also make the following offers available free of charge (under the universal service):

  • A handset amplifier equipment, consisting of an amplifier applicable to any terminal equipment, for the purpose of increasing the handset’s sound volume up to 10 times, for the benefit of the hearing impaired;
  • A luminous call warning system, consisting on a device that activates a visual signal when the terminal equipment receives a call;
  • A fixed destination line that automatically makes calls to a specific user defined number if no number is dialled within 10 seconds after the call set-up key is pressed or the handset is lifted;
  • These offers are made available to all end users who possess a Certidão Multiuso (Multi-Purpose Disability Certificate) issued pursuant to Decree-Law 174/97 of July 19, amending Decree-Law no. 202/96, of October 23, a valid membership card of the association for people with disabilities in which they are registered or a medical statement certifying that they are a person at risk with special needs due to age, physical disability or mental incapacity.