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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored in the computer of users when they visit certain websites. Sometimes, they are deleted after the visit. At other times, they are kept for later visits. The use of cookies to access websites is a normal practice and the various browsers available allow each user to refuse to use them, as well as to delete those that have already been created.

The Internet pages of companies of the NOS Group* and some of their applications may use cookies to improve browsing for users on various websites of companies of the NOS Group (including the customer area which has restricted access), as well as to better understand the behaviour, likes and dislikes, and interests of users (in an overall way). For example, on certain websites, the user can select a background or a city, with these preferences being registered for later visits. It is therefore possible to improve the use and viewing of the websites, making them simpler and more rapid, and leading to a more interesting and dynamic browsing experience

You can find out how to block cookies on your browser by following the instructions shown below. You can also get to know in more detail the use made of cookies by companies of the NOS Group. Please note that important functionalities of websites and applications of companies of the NOS Group will stop working when cookies are blocked.

Managing cookies on various browsers

In order to deactivate cookies on your browser, you can follow these instructions. It should be noted that, due to the high number of browsers and their different versions, these instructions may not cover all eventualities. You can also look at specific help pages for your browser or a generic page on this subject. 

All about cookies:



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Types of cookies

The cookies on websites of companies of the NOS Group and online services come from one of the following categories: 

Category 1 — cookies that are essential for providing a service 

These cookies are essential to enable customers to use the websites of companies of the NOS Group and their functionalities. Without them, services, such as the purchases basket or access to the customer area, cannot be provided. 

Category 2 — cookies for analysing services provided 

These cookies gather information as to how websites and services of companies of the NOS Group are used, such as for example the most visited web pages. This information can be used to help companies of the NOS Group to improve their pages and make them easier to use. These cookies also enable NOS to find out if the visits to companies of the NOS Group come from campaigns that these companies have requested from suppliers and third parties, and if those visits have resulted in purchases of a product or service. The cookies do not collect information that identifies the user, since all the information gathered is aggregated into non personal indicators and therefore, they are anonymous. 

Category 3 — personalization cookies 

These cookies allow websites of companies of the NOS Group to recognise user choices while they are using services of companies of the NOS Group. An example would be, when accessing the first page of a website, to know whether the user should see the version for individuals or the one for companies. They can also be used to know whether highlights and promotions have already been shown to a user in order to avoid repetition. The information that is collected through these cookies does not allow personal identity of users to be disclosed nor does this information allow their browsing activity to be monitored on websites that are not of companies of the NOS Group. 

* Companies of the NOS Group should be understood as being NOS, SGPS, S.A. and each of the companies that make up the NOS Group

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